6 Ways to Tidier Living

Oh boy, I hate cleaning up!

Don’t we all? Even the OCD’s hate them -except they can’t stop themselves from cleaning, sigh..

To my defence, I don’t completely STOP cleaning. I just put them on HOLD; for a very very loongggg time.

I just came back from Malaysia and the house was in such a mess. The kitchen (my favourite place to be) was stained with piles of dishes -clean and dirty- rolled together on the kitchen top. My sink (it’s mine, so deal with it) was flooded and blocked with mucky yucky stuffs.  I have a momentary of migraine attack when I tried to figured out where to start? How to start?

I know I need to get to the root of this problem. We all ONLY have 24 hours. I don’t even have kids yet and why can’t I beat those supermoms who behave like they have 60hours a day? What is it that they have, I don’t? I believe attitude is the new gadget which is going to shape and mould my cleaning routine.

Here are lists of reasons why my home is not as clean as I have hoped for:)

– Procrastination : quite self-explanatory isn’t it?

‘I’m too busy!’ : I think this is a too lazy of an answer.  I can’t even make up a decent excuse for heavens sake! FYI, busy people ( I mean like people who are really busy) are highly efficient people.

They don’t make excuses, period.

–  ‘I’m tired!’ : Although I do believe that this could be genuinely true, especially on those really bad days, I still believe I could get around it if I set my routine right. Instead of tiring me up, it may in fact energise me and weary the stress off.

-‘I don’t have time’ : is a completely utterly bullshit excuse. Everybody has 24 hours. Fake it until you make it. If you don’t have time, then MAKE time. Cut down those K-drama, plays less games, browsing facebook only few minutes a day. I am not saying it’s easy. I’m just saying -YOU CAN!

– Someone else will do it :unless you paid someone to do it for you, please clean your room yourself. I remembered a talk from pastor Andy in one of his series, he said: If you are not responsible for your own mess, then someone else have to. If you don’t make your own bed, someone else has to. It doesn’t make the responsibility goes away by not doing it. It’s still there -just that SOMEONE ELSE has to do it now.

I googled ways on how to keep my place clean. I only have a tiny sack, I’m sure I can do it. Here are few things I short-listed:

1) Never leave chores that can be done under one minute

Too many times I was trapped by this one-minute chores. It doesn’t seem much but after a week of leaving this one-minute chores, the paramount effect was devastating! I’m going to start doing this right at this minute! Right now!

2) Make your own bed everyday

I actually came across this from a speech of a notable navy man given at a graduation’s ceremony. He said in order to be a ahead of other people, the first rule is: to make your own bed

Common, a simple act of making my own bed is able to make me successful? What a bull -I thought. But no. The core truth of making my own bed is not simply making my own bed. It asserts responsibility, good time-management, self-discipline, self aware of being righteous, attention to details and most importantly, clutter-free MIND.

3) Prepare going to bed well before bed-time

Whatever it may be; brushing teeth, washing your face, putting on your mask. Just do them well before bed-time. An hour before bed time. After that, clear your living room for 5-10minutes. Reply emails. Pick up your dress for the next day. Ready the to-do list for the week. Plan your meals.

After an hour, I’m sure you will be ever-ready to go to bed. And you don’t have to climb to the bathroom to take off your make-up. Because your done! An hour early! *wink (why do I feel so smart suddenly? I can’t stop myself from errr.. being genius, can I?)

4) What you take out you put back in

It sounded so simple yet so.. demoralising. My make-ups, my hair pins, my clothes which I thought I would wear but didn’t, my shopping bags, my tupperware from work. Urrgghhhh! It’s the same thing over and over again! ;'(

5) Clean your kitchen before eating

You cooked home-made chicken curry. There are large pots, cutting boards, potatoes skin, rows of spices that you took off from the shelves. And, you’re hungry. Before you devour your ever-so-delicious chicken curry, please clean the kitchen counter first. You won’t regret it after you realised you have nothing to clean after having a plateful of your yummy curries! 2 rewards with one blow – a blessing!

6) Prep prep, prep

Plan for the week’s meals. Save time and money. Plan for your working clothes. Prevents the tragedy of your bed being infested by piles of unused garments. Plan your daily routine. A routine keeps things in place. A routine reminds you of your chores, organise your day and somehow makes it much more bearable. It is essential to make this whole project a success!

Ok, I think I have been typing far too much for this entry. I shall log off and attach a picture of my newly-decorated desk. My daily routine starts now. Should we do it together?? Let me know how you day go! Xx

clean & tidy


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