When a doc weds another doc

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I used to tell my friends and family that marrying another doctor is a ‘boring’ decision. It’s predictable and please..it literally makes me yawn. We are boring enough, so I always thought I need someone more hippy and cooler than I am. Although, I would like to think I’m a pretty cool doc :p

Ok, I’m married to another doctor now. So clearly that has gone out of the window. You could laugh at me. It’s indeed a predictable decision but little it is boring =)

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For the last 5 years that we have been married, we have ups and downs, like many others. But more so than others, we have several days in a week where we won’t come home as we are on-call in the hospital for at least 24 hours. So we need to take that hours out from the total of 168 hours/ week that we could potentially spend together. Naturally, we talk about our experiences in the hospital.. quite a bit. Ok, maybe a lot. Such a loser, I know. But I noticed as the days went by, these becomes more and more common.

1) Everything that breaths are ‘patients’
A dog. Is a patient. That butcher is a patient.
The conversation goes like this: This patient is honking me without any reason.
Or: Don’t drive too fast. Some patients might just come up out of nowhere.
Well, theoretically, we are right. Everything that breaths will be a patient and needs to be nursed at some point of their life *grin grin*

2) You might be upgraded to be a ‘Doctor’
I just called my hubby’s aunt a doctor in our plain conversation today. It was so natural to me and it just slipped from my tongue. Hubby gave me a weird look. And I kept calling her Dr.Mary. Hilarious.
The only person we don’t really like to call a doctor is a dentist. I mean, really?
Somebody should have told me this! I could have been a dentist by now!! T__T
(err, actually, I take that back)

3) ‘Too busy saving lives’
We abused this phrase quite a bit. Wha? The bin is too full and need to be emptied? Sorry, too busy saving lives here =p

4) The battle of the phone app
It’s almost a weekly thing. My husband will just unlock my phone or creepily whispered to me: ‘what nice app you have?’ Cuz, you know..I’m the geeky one.
I will then update him of the new apps for medicine and all the hows to get it for free kinda thing. We will then delete our unused medical apps to make some room. It’s so that we are on check in our medical updates etc.
I do have a secret weapon though which I’m gonna tell you here. I have an app where I took pics of ECG (heart tracing) and it will tell me what it is and how to manage it or should I be worried. Its quite interactive.

Basically, I just took the ECG pictures and send it to my husband and he will do everything else for me. Isn’t it cool? I love this app the most! =0

5) You make stupid jokes
Recently, we were having a discussion about being on-call in the hospital (where we will be provided a room to sleep in the hospital, if we get any). My husband made some funny remarks: you know, there’s one thing I love being on-call. I don’t have to make my bed!
T__T (total failure)(imagine my intense stare with blank expression)

We also made up cheesy jokes like: I won’t eat apple now! Cuz’ I can’t keep you away! (yeah..lame, I know) @-@

6) You’re excited about popping veins
When normal people meet other new people, they will be like: Hi, nice to meet you.
And then they will talk about the world, their adventures, food, cultures etc.
But when we meet other people, we didn’t comment about their personality. We don’t say things like: oh ya, he’s a nice chap.
We said: oh ya, he has some nice veins.

(please, I know some of you do this too!)

7) You hate ambulance siren
Although you’re not at work, even when you’re in the park on weekends..and you heard ambulance siren. We don’t say: gosh what happened? I hope they’re ok.
Instead we will say: oh poor doctors, have to attend to that one now.

8) Funniest TV show ever: Medical series
This one speaks for itself. Nil explanation needed.
Seriously, a general surgeon cannot be a brain surgeon, cardiothoracic surgeon and paediatric surgeon at the same time. You just CAN’T.

These are things that I could think of right now. There are many others that I can’t even remember. Stuffs we do subconsciously. What about you? What do you guys do?

Bye Friday! Hello Saturday!

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