Sh** happens

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Sh** happens. Excuse me french. But it does.

I feel like slapping someone’s face right now. Virtually pulling his hair from his almost bald head. Put laxatives in his drink. And maybe putting in the largest french urinary catheter without any lidocaine gel 😁

Ok, maybe it’s not funny to have the largest catheter tube in your bladder. But laxatives are pure class! I couldn’t help but to grin again. When someone decided to be childish, someone else has to be the grown up. I guess, that has to be me.

It’s not fun at all -to be a grown up. I have to be the responsible one. Be the rational one. Be the voice of truth. Be professional. Bla bla bla. Despite all that, I don’t feel like a Mother Teresa. Far from that. Instead, I feel like hiding myself in a garbage bag and cry myself to sleep after doing some self-pity party for the whole night.

It’s not fair. Especially to my husband, should I returned to our household with the negativity I brought from work. Whatever happens at work, stays at work. I cowardly asked my husband for a date; a sweet treat down the road. To my surprise, he said yes. We spoke for an hour @gusto d’italy and I poured my heart out. As always, he listened but didn’t give too much advice. He played it really safe: saying just enough to make me feel better but not too much to allow myself to reflect on what happened. Impressed much.

Sorry, but first, let’s take a selfie. Food porn is always a priority 😝

Now, let’s move on. Basically what I’m saying is sh** happens. We can not control all the things around us. But we could -control and choose -on how to react.  Whatever you choose, let it not be the one that you will regret later. Although you do at times, have to swallow your pride -it does makes you sleep better at night. I promise.

Someone said: ‘You’ll one day understand that it’s much harder to be kind than clever. As cleverness is a gift yet kindness is a choice’

I have yet to learn about so many things in this not-so-permanent life. Yet, I know one thing for sure. No matter how small people make me feel, no matter how much my pride was bruised, how inappropriate their words and actions were -I refused to make them significant in my life. They are NOT worth to be mentioned in our household. They are NOT worth my precious time which I could spend cooking for my better half or writing my blog. Whenever I have a bad day at work, I will make a conscious effort to be nice to my husband. He only deserves my best, even on my worst day ☺️

What the heck? I’m nagging too much. I think I’m having a mid life crisis and needs to go binging on FRIENDS tv series. Kbye!!

Ehem, what else could make you happier than your self-absorbed selfie? Wow, profound 😂

Just so ya’ll know, life is a bitch!


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  1. mypersonalteenlife

    Life’s a b**ch and death is her sister. 😛
    That food porn though!!
    And girl sh** does happen, we all go through it, glad you came out the other end though!.. No pun intended. 😅


    1. Hehe. Gotta have the food porn 😁
      Yea we all go thru sh** you just need to stay true to yourself and always strive to be kind, every damn day 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mypersonalteenlife

        Preach it! 👏


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