Exploring Palma de Mallorca (Spain) in a Segway

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I did not plan much at all for this trip. I sort of know what I wanted to do but didn’t get to nail down the details of our itinerary. Maybe partly because I just wanted to hang out on the beach and dip my feet on the ocean and.. that’s all. Those are more than enough -for now.

I woke up rather early (8am) on our second day and quickly changed into my morning gear, brushed my teeth and without make-ups, I made my way to the beach with my earphones on.

The sound of the ocean whispering into my ears melted all my worries away. The early morning breeze and gentle strokes of the waves kissing my feet brought me back to my well-forgotten childhood. It reminds me of how much I love spending time in the jungle, splashing water in the river, amused myself with raindrops and how easily charmed I was by the wild flowers soaking on the morning mist. I miss all that. I really do.

That’s me without any make-ups and without my hair done, having a so-called healthy breakfast. Poor husband has to take my picture before gulping his coffee away 😝

So today is the Segway day! I knew I wanted to use one of these on this trip but only got to book it very last minute -very unlike me. Really? 😜 We practised for 10mins and were ready to go. It was such a cool experience and I highly recommended it! It’s different than riding a bike and having a good posture helps to manoeuvre around.

We cruised along the Old Town and visited the Arab Baths. Our tour guide was amazing and very helpful (www.segwaypalma.com). I managed to capture some video footage as well.

Untouched beauty of an Arab bath:

And this is Cathedral de Mallorca

Below is Plaza Mayor. It is crowded by tourists, restaurants and high-end designers boutiques.

We also managed to visit this special patisserie place which is two centuries old. Apparently it has the best desserts in town. There is always a queue but thankfully we didn’t have to wait long 😊

Not only that they have amazing home-made ice cream but also, an efficient service -something that I could really appreciate in a Mediterranean country. 

After the Segway ride, we went exploring on foot around the old town. It was packed with tourists and locals alike. They have interesting cafe cultures and nevertheless, super cute ice-cream parlour, such as below.

Their souvenir shops are filled with salami, Catalan sausages, spices etc.

Every single cafes and restaurants are so unique with impressive interior design.

We ended the long day with a dinner at Fish Restaurant, recommended by our tour guide. We ordered seafood paella and oh boy, it was really the best I had!! It was so good that hubby went for second helping. Damage control starts tomorrow 😂😂😂

We travelled home by bus and it was really cool to see that the night became so vibrant with people from all walks of life.  After our Sangria, these two old creatures decided to call it  a night 😭

We had a rather adventurous day and after a good hot shower, I tucked myself in with some cosy summer dreams 😁

Nite nite! 😴


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