Ola!! Come with me; Tenerife

I have a week off that I wasn’t sure of how and where to spend it. But I know one thing for sure -not in Ireland. I have more exotic places in my list that I have been wanting to do for a long long time but safety comes first. No point going to places where we would be running around like zombies in apocalypse. Although, we could be hot zombies in bikini. Just sayin 😝

I just need somewhere, anywhere-warm enough where the colors of dawn wakes me up gently and the breeze from the ocean whispers me lullaby. Of course, most importantly, I could sip my alcohol without anyone judging me 😁

Hassle free. Common enough. Reasonably priced. Yup, Tenerife which is the largest island of the Caribbean sounds fairly OK. Honestly or #tbh as my husband calls it -Tenerife was never on my list. I normally love more exotic destinations, culturally challenging which offers unique experiences. But wtheck. I booked the flights, accommodation and off we went!

We had to drive down from Limerick to catch our flights from Dublin so we arrived at the coast of Alcala in the evening.

 We had this apartment for our first night. Super affordable, good value for money and 2 minutes walk from the beach. Our host suggested a seafood restaurant nearby called Escondida and it was good. We also finished a whole jug of sangria!🍹

We woke up early the next morning for a walk along the beach. Managed to snap few pictures too!

And.. Just wanna show off my warrior pose😝😂😜  I have been diggin the yoga recently.. And Hello Kitty is da bomb! 😭

 We managed to be fruitful by buying some local snacks and getting more info of what to do in the tourists info centre. Soon after, we head off to our next hotel destination where we will be staying 4 days 3 nights just 10 minutes walk from here.

As we arrived at the main reception of Gran Melia Palace, we were seated until our designated butler came. The hotel was divided into 2  and the one we’re staying will be for adults only 😝
Anyhooo, here are few snaps on our first day @Red Level.

We also had a hot tub on our terrace and super sleek bathroom

Its so spacious I even did my jumping jacks here


we could choose different aroma and pillows everyday.


Red Level @ sunset   
The following day we woke up early to beat the breakfast Q. Is there such thing? Or it’s just me being Asean? Damn it!     Quite serene, isn’t it?

An hour later, we made our way to Siam Water Park. Since the birthday boy requested it, I had to. Not complaining! We did 80% of the rides but some rides are just crazy. I can feel my heart rolling on the floor just looking at it. Thankfully, I was with a cardiologist 😂😂😂😂 Fifie, stop being lame please.  
 This ride was so long! I can’t record any of the rides cuz my waterproof camera didn’t come on time 😞 Too bad!

Upon our return, we had a power nap and came down for dinner then.  
 Following day, we have a long day ahead and I woke up at 6am to catch early breakfast. The selections were amazing in Gran Melia. I wish I have a big mouth to fit it all in. But.. don’t I have it already? 😝

While uploading these pictures, I can feel the softness of that donut gracing my tongue, the warm embrace of my English breakfast tea and the colorful tropical fruits. Teleport me back Doraemon! NOW!

Us in the our tour bus@tenerifeexplorer


Mount Teide; a volcano


Mount Teide and us; after a super long adventurous bus ride


A 1000 years old Dragon tree. Cool huh?


black sandy beach! look at that water!


Garachico, a beautiful natural pool


@Garachico. too bad can’t swim in November😭

Our next stop is the most stunning yet -Masca village. Only 70 ‘inhabitants’ live here according to our tour guide. And that might include the animals too. He said he wasn’t sure 😂 The villagers have to walk 3 hours by foot to reach the peak where a lot of them selling hand-made stuffs for tourists. Its untouch beauty…. simply took my breath away

I hate it when my pics don’t even do justice


I looked at this and it reminds me of how small I am amongst God’s other creations. I am humbled


it’s like a village out of a postcard. And I have been there!

Our last stop was at Los Gigantes. It was a full day tour and we were exausted but having too much fun! Our guide was really funny and we made friends along the way. 
Upon arrival at our hotel, we went straight to the beach to find this spectacular treasure. Thanks God for the time we had!

Isn’t this just too stunning? some locals just hang here to read book cuz its very peaceful


splashing with ma man



gotta catch the sunset

For the evening, we changed up, went for coctail evening and dinner there after. We celebrated the birthday boy so hope you enjoyed the trip!!

birthday boy choosing his meal on ipad 😍


yup, here is one for silly face. haha!


The following day, I did try to soak myself in every last bit of sun I could get. Vit D, come to momma!! This is my #nomakeup makeup look with plenty of sunscreen. TQ Dior mascara! 

Ok guys, my eyes are just literally closing on me. They have mind of their own. Sorry if I wasn’t as entertaining as my brain is a poo poo once the clock passed 10pm 😳

If you wanna check out my more expressive blog, please scroll below and read # 10 things I have learned in Ireland. I’m sure some could relate!

Adios amigos! 😘

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