Easter weekend @Malaga

We woke up rather early and luckily Shannon airport is just under 30 minutes from our place. We arrived with some ample time for breakfast and the non-priority Q of Ryanair. Bleh 😪

We arrived at 2pm, welcomed by cool breeze and rays of warm sunshine (oh i miss you so much!). Upon checkin in, we went out for a mission of ‘classic’ spanish dining experience but…

We ended up with these baes instead 😅 They were just OK but hungreh tummeh don’t care😑

We went for a stroll along the marina and wowed  by the architecture. It was really crowded tho. Everybody went out for a walk with their familia to catch up with some vitamin D.


We also sat by the marina and had some sangria while doing some people-watching

 I find Malaga very interesting as many tourists buy properties here as their summer home. It has 360 days of sunshine/year and it thrives with tourism. So many restaurants and shops are available to cater to this need which are readily accessible and family friendly. The shops open until very late which is something I could really appreciate😂

After soaking in as much as vitamin D we think we could get, we walked back to our hotel and took some nap. Btw, do you know taking naps can prolong your life? Hehe. Im just doing this experiment now and see how it goes 😝

 We went to Bodeguita el Gallo located at Calle san Agustin for dinner. It is a really traditional spanish tapas place and we were the only tourists. We ordered our food as recommended by spanish-holiday.com 😂  

On our way home, we feast our eyes on the yellow lights bathing the old town. This picture here is the Cathedral de la Encarnacion at night. Somehow this picture feels halloweeny,no? 🎃

The next morning we figured out there’ll be a big procession of Santa Semana for Easter. We were quite lucky to observe this and to some extend it was rather emotional

Jesus has risen, Halleluyah!! 🙏🙏🙏
The procession only lasted for 2 hours and despite the Easter weekend, all the shops and museums were opened. Quite impressed. We headed off then to the Museo Carmen Thyssen
 Can you spot someone who is more interested in his phone than the beautiful arts? 😑

Next was Museo Picasso, an obvious must . Never knew he is from Malaga!

 Sorry, I took almost zero picture here. Picasso gave birth to new techniques of which I understand very little of but I bought some of his replicas for our future home 👏👏👏

We then had our lunch while watching flamingo dance
 Tbh the food was just alright but the entertainment was first class! 💃

Cathedral of Encarnacion Malaga

@Alcazaba Medieval Moorish Palace 
Jealous much? My flower-petal 🍦 by Amorina

That night we had a romantic dinner by the spanish balcony, having a traditional paella +🍷🍷

Some serious yummy paella! 5🌟

Th following day we went to Mercado Central Atarazanas to feast our eyes on local goods. We also had some of my favourite fried octopus with wine in one of the food stalls. Truly love the lifestyle on the go here in Malaga😍

We had to catch our flight then and arrived in Limerick at midnight! Can’t wait for another escape in search for ☀️+🍹+🍜

How about you? Where are you going this summer?



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