Chasing Irish Summer at Bunratty Castle 

I know it’s the end of July and you would think we are heading towards the warmest season of the year. Unfortunately, it pains me to say that in Ireland, summer has come and left.

Once upon a time, in early June, just over a month ago -we had our Irish summer. It was really warm hitting up to 25C with cloudless sky and zero breeze. Irish people are not used to heat so people would just walk around topless -I’m referring to men of course 😂 We were living in Limerick then, so I thought we better make use of the ‘heat wave’ and do things I have always wanted to do which is visiting Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. I booked everything online via and surprisingly it was rather easy and straightforward. Highly recommend!👍

Of note, if you just wanted to visit the castle and the park, you can just buy the ticket on the day from the entrance counter. However, I was quite crazy about their Bunratty medieval banquet, hence I booked it online b’cuz they sell like hot cakes! 🎂🎂🎂

So off we went on 4th of June, chasing the Irish ☀️

 It has quite a modern reception. After we got our ticket checked, we went in and the first thing we saw was this English cottage named ‘Tea Room’. Surrounded by families enjoying their brunch, everything about this straw-roofed converted barn depicts beauty. We of course, wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to have a cuppa tea and some sweet bites.

 The air was so fresh, ducks were trailing us around and kids were running trying to catch attention of their much relaxed parents. It felt so surreal to be so close to nature yet in the midst of modern civilisation. Truly, should we have more sun in Ireland, it really is the most beautiful place to be. .

 I have to say they did a very good job on re-creating the farmhouses and village shops. They are actualy a functioning village and most of the shops are selling crafts which can only be found in Bunratty. We managed to get our hands on few stuffs for our own collection and most importantly to support local produce.

And then, we stumbled upon this.. 😱 
 I was like Alice in Wonderland who fell into the rabbit hole and found this fairy tale paradise miniature. Aren’t they just too cute tho?? Believe me, I wasn’t the only photography enthusiast crawling the earth just to get a decent shot, just sayin’

 While I was busy diggin’ the dirt for the perfect picture, someone else has no problem at all engaging with digital pleasure 😂😂😂

Exploring 26 acres of land is no joke. Of course we didn’t go from corner to corner but it was huge and it took us much longer than I thought. The scenery tho.. was simply breathtaking..


In the evening, we made our way to the castle which was built by the MacNamara’s family around 1425. Here, we will be having our memorable medieval banquet dinner.

  They even chose the king & queen for the night! Too cute!😍
 A picture with the man and woman of the night ✌️

My cutie pie ☺️☺️☺️

  This picture was taken by the king who sat across us 😅 He insisted to take our picture so yours truly can only obliged 😁

We were given 3 course meal with free flow wine/juices. In between meals, we were entertained by pleasing tunes from the performers in Bunratty Castle. The script was quite funny without being too awkward. We also got to meet new people, a retired teacher and an engineer who sat next to us. They travelled all the way from Canada, to embark the journey of their Irish fairy tale for two weeks. I was thoroughly awed by their curiosity.

As we were leaving, a man with quilt greeted us with his bagpipes and that marked the end of our day trip to Bunratty. The banquet left an everlasting impression and we were glad to have come this time of the year. I would highly recommend to visit here, at least once in your lifetime!



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