Lies You Tell Yourself |Lemonade Moments


I’m called to write this after reading several status updates and Facebook comments. Yes, it is my calling, happy? 😇Here, I’m simply gonna let you see the naked truth -exactly like how Beyonce did it in Lemonade. Minus the booty. And 🍋🍋🍋


Yes, I understand that it is your Facebook page. Hence you have the ultimate right to pen down and post whatever you want. Yours truly is not here to deny or to take that away from you. However, sharing something without having any understanding of the impact it might have can be equally disturbing. Just to clarify, whatever action you make, either big or small, yes, they do have consequences darling. Even if it is just as benign as sharing a Facebook post. For example, sharing a yummy tiramisu cake recipe can make people fat. Can you see what I’m trying to say here? 😂


One of the posts that I remembered taken aback by was ‘You’re only pretty if you’re a mother’. Something along those lines. That particular article was actually trying to testify how being a mother is a beautiful thing although you might not looking as (physically) gorgeous as your peers who have no children to keep them awake at night or to comb their hair with a gum. A lot of people though, jumped off the deep end and completely dissed single women (or women without children) that they are beautiful just because their vaginas have not been stretch by babies. Hence, them being skinny, fabulous and fashion forward are completely unauthentic. That you could only and only finds ‘true beauty’ in ‘real women’ who hide behind the synonym of unglamorous motherhood.


Now, that my friend is a lie you tell yourself 🙉


I have met many mothers in real life with not only one, two but more kids, looking deadly gorgeous. And for you skeptics out there, no, they don’t have any helper(s). They too have full time job, wake up as early as 5 am and landed home after 7pm. That is NOT what we call -homaigad, she is a mother hence she is beautiful, my dear. That is just simply LIFE. However, she makes a choice. To ensure she looks after herself above anything else. Because before she is a mother, she is a woman. And truthfully, it doesn’t make her any less of a mother.


I would like to clarify that I do not judge mothers who wear sweat pants day in and out (I wear them like all the time), who don’t put on make-up or don’t loose their baby weight in 3 months. Please, just be who you are. However, by wearing a ‘mother’ tag, does not give you the right to degrade others who are not. Because beneath that perfect make-up and tailored dress, she might be struggling with a chronic illness or looking after her dying mother. Although her fight is not yours, it is still a fight and can be equally if not, more challenging. Please don’t pull the ‘you don’t know until you’re a mother’ card. I swear Obama will put you in jail for that. Just sayin’✋


Another comment/share that put me off is ‘Yes, if you’re a man, please do these to your wife/girlfriend’ or ‘we (wife) have sixth sense; beware if you’re cheating’. I mean, seriously guys. I’m no relationship expert but as far as I know, it takes two to tango. Women are not immune to cheating. Hokay, this issue is sensitive and I might be stone to death at the end of this blog post. But, but… we’ll start with the first issue –the endless list of what a loving man/husband should do. It is a good reminder but isn’t it better to have a discussion directly with him? Also, in order to demand as such, you have to give as much too. No worthy-man is willing to give all without the wisdom in your counterpart. And should you have wisdom, you would have chosen the right man in the first place, no? The essence of a happy relationship is not for him to DO all of those, but for him NOT to do all of those yet you love him anyway. Love requires sacrifice and it is only as good as the work you put in.


Now, the second issue –we (women) have sixth sense, so don’t you (men) dare cheat. I cannot deny that women are good at telltale signs. Husband wearing perfume, late from work and prolong toilet time could be all indicators of him cheating (I’m just guessing because that’s what they do in movies 😝). But just because you decided to acquire a sixth sense won’t stop him from cheating should he already decided to. And if you believe he will submit to your pledge, you are telling yourself a lie.


Giving your husband an emotional blackmail on Facebook is hardly hot. So, don’t. Go. There. I understand that something suspicious may have arisen in your household and you are just tipping him a clue. If so, have a frank conversation, be honest to each other and make a clear decision forward. Men are terrible at reading between the lines so please save them the hassle. And you (yes you) are so much more than what you give yourself credit for. If he is unworthy, walk away. Just, walk away.


Fuuhh, that was long. And deep.


I think I already lost like one stone just from the thought of all the rotten eggs and spit coming my way. Should this be an apocalypse movie, I would have pretended I’m dead but I don’t think that would do. Maybe I’ll just close my eyes, then you won’t see me 🙈


Okay, I’d better shut up now. Kbai!


😘 @sophievoon


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