A week in Crete, Greece. 

I meant to blog about our trip to Crete donkey’s years ago but didn’t get around to do it until now. Your mama apologised. Covered cosily under my warm duvet, I gathered the million pictures I have yet to show you guys and slowly typing using my thumbs on the iphone 6 screen. I am wrecked but hey, an updated blog is way more important than my sleep right now. Hokay, moving on from my mumbo jumbo, I actually wasn’t planning to go to Crete. However, due to logistic reasons such as budgets, weather and a direct Ryanair flight, I decided to just go for it and see for myself what it has to offer. I think I booked the flights only a couple months ahead and time flies. I blinked and it was September. Where has the time gone? And where has my summer gone??? ☀️☀️☀️
I was so well prepared for this trip that I even packed a week in advance, got all my dresses tailored (by yours truly😂) and itinerary planned. Sho proud 😁.

Day 1

There was a lot of travelling on the first day. Greece is 2 hours ahead of us so our 4 hours direct flight would mean 4+2 hours later in their local time. Thankfully we stayed in Chania for the first two nights so the journey wasn’t too bad as the airport is just 20 mins drive away. The cheapest option is to rent a car but because we are not used to drive on the other side of the road we decided to keep it safe with public transport.

   Upon arrival in Chania, which by the way is the second largest town in Crete, we went for a quick bite in the old town. The old town was just five minutes walk from our hotel. Although it was 9pm, the place was still alive with greek music, restaurants and shops which opened until past midnight. So your gurl needed to get her octopus fix 😅 we rested well that night for a very early morning the next day.
Day 2

We had to make our way to Kissamos Port so we took advantage of their reliable (touristic)public bus which costs us about €15 pp for return trip. We were early so we managed to get tickets and the ride took us about 1 hour.  Soon enough we arrived at the port.

 We had to get on one of this bad boy here to get to our destination ie. Gramvousa. This cruise ship may easily fit two hundred human but you can also choose a local smaller boat if that suits you better. I just found this one online so that its easier for me to plan ahead.  The journey took about an hour before it arrived at this magical place..

 After almost half an hour of climbing under the scorching sun, we finally made it to the fort at Imeri Gramvousa. And this was our view. Too good to be true 💙💙💙

   It was really tiring and I kid you not, I sweat like a pig. It was not the sexiest thing 🙊 1000 pictures later, we had to come down so that we wont’t miss our cruise to the next destination which is Balos Lagoon.

While mr.hubby took a nap under the protective umbrella, I took a scroll down the beach and listened to my good ol KRU songs. Yes, I’m cray cray like that. Nothing beats the KRU paired with a gorgeous view like this. Seriously, 3 hours passed way too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to go home 😭😭😭 why oh why??

We arrived in Chania from our day trip about 7pm. Had a quick dinner and rested to bed early cuz we were broken yo 😴

Day 3

We just chillax around the old town for the whole day and completely enjoyed doing nothing. We took a short walk to a nearby beach and had some yummy seafood lunch.

  My closest attempt for a see-thru bang😭
We shopped for souveneirs, ate and did some people watching. In the evening, I got some time to myself to explore using my Lumix gf6 while the ex-bf was doing some work on the lappy. I went to their museum but quite gutted that I couldn’t make time for their Turkish bath😞

That night we went for a dinner at the rooftop overlooking the old town. I couldn’t get any decent photos but my video will come up shortly so hopefully I get to show you some stuffs.

Day 4

It was the toughest day yet. We decided to head off early to our next destination which is Elounda, 4 hours via bus. However it was pouring rain for the whole journey that some area has minor landslide. I was worried sick and was praying that we would arrive safely. Thank God for He is good!! 🙏🙏🙏

Upon arrival we were so hungry so we went down to the bar for some snacks. Were tired but all smiles ☺️

  On our first day at Elounda Palace we dined at a Japanese restaurant. Slightly overrated tho. We walked around and took some pictures.   This hotel is huge but so quiet at the same time. It is two sister hotels side by side with 5 restaurants within the hotel itself and 4 private beaches. And most of the people we met are retiree 😁
   This is what he did. Sighh…. #relationshipgoals right there 😝

We slept well that night. Thankfully no mozzies!!🙌

Day 5

The day was glorious. Breakfast was superb and we made plans to visit Ayios Nikolaos which is only 30 minutes away.  
    Fancy some dinner by the seaside? 🍜
 The cute blue train!

  Overlooking Elounda💙

 Beach right in the city centre. Awesomeness!
  Agios Nikolaos is known to be one of the cute town which promises good pictures at every corner. Its very difficult for me to narrow them down to just few!
We had simple lunch by the beach (again) and went back to the hotel for a quick nap before dinner begins😁 all we did was eat/sleep/picture/repeat 😂

We dined at Thalassa Greek restaurant and homaigad it was so romantic. The duo that sang for the whole evening have voices of an angel. I could listen to them all night long. And I clapped each time like a lil girl who just got her candy 👏☺️👏

Day 6

So the weather forecast told us lies that it will be cloudy and rainy today. We decided to just chillax only to find out later that it was warm and sunny without a shadow of clouds. I thot that was rather mean😤
  We just stayed in the hotel and enjoyed the private beaches. I finally went for a dip after hesitating for so long 😅
 These are panoramic pictures of Elounda Bay Palace. That night, although still stuffed, we went down for our buffet dinner as we have half board package. Hmmm yup, hence the chubby face. Shhhhhh…

Day 7

This was our last full day in Crete. So we went for a day trip around Elounda and Plaka Village. These two were easily my favourites.

 Photobombed 😂😂😂

Had our snacks on this floating restaurant. Was quite cool.

  Jiwang moment 😝

  Just so bluee… Fancy a boat for lunch?

That evening I did some photography homeworks so these were the results:

Day 8

We had a super long journey home so I didn’t get to take any photos as I just wanted to enjoy Crete as is. This trip has been so much better than what I expected. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and most importantly we got home safely.

Till next time Greece!! 💙


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