A day with me | Saturday

I have been thinking of what should I blog about and how will I do it. Thanks to Pinterest, I have plenty of ideas but carrying out the task is proven to be difficult. It has to be easy enough but it shouldn’t be boring either. I decided to do this one instead and hopefully you will stay with me until the day ends 🤘🏼

Disclaimer: This is not how my every Saturdays are. They differ every week but for this one, I have made a special arrangement. So, stay tuned!

It’s autumn here in Ireland. And it’s freezing. My biological alarm woke me up at 630am but I decided to stuff my brain with Instagram posts and Insta- stories for the next two hours. Eventually and reluctantly, I dragged myself out from the cosy duvet to the kitchen for a glass of water. My heart sank when I saw the gloomy sky. Why you like this? 😭

I went on to have breakfast because the day gonna be long. I have a hair appointment today and god knows, they may decide to keep me for the whole night. Just because I have an Asian hair. Which means it may get rusty with blonde highlights that they have to use toner. But this runs the risk of making my hair dull and they may end up colouring it all black again. Yes, this is the whole ordeal each time I’m coloring my hair. Like. Every. Single. Time. 😤 I gulped the Omu fried rice mr.husband cooked the night before. It was yumzz!! And a cup of tea, wouldn’t hurt anyone ☕️

After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I proceed with the most rewarding cardio work out ever -putting on make-up! 🙊These are just a part of my make-up galore but this is my daily vanity set up💖

Currently I’m in love with my Charlotte Tilbury’s make-up palette which I got for my birthday present this year. Tq laogong!😘😘😘 It is travel friendly with the highest finish, love it to max!  But I fear I might hit pan soon😢

 After wearing my scent, I gathered some cosy outfit and was ready to brave to cold. Here, I’m just showing off the Clarins limited edition travel eye palette which is the size of a credit card. So handy and gotta love that natural brown shades!

 But first, let’s take a selfie! 🙄 oh ya,  check out my new autumn lippie from Etude House(Darling Tint)! I have been eyeing a burgundy shade for autumn without looking too vampy and this one seemed to do the job 💄
 Here’s the #ootd with my cute baby blue carry bag. And of course, with my super cosy quilted winter jacket from Juicy Couture 🤗 I put my earphones on and ready to..rock and roll!😎😎😎

 So in love with this blue bike! So feminine, I want! No, I need! 😂 Insta-life on this would be so pwetty!

 Walking around admiring the autumn leaves🍁🍁🍁 This is St Andrew’s church in its glory. I love you, autumn😍

 Can’t take my eyes off these😁 But I just saw them on the display window and I’ve gained like 10 pounds😝 Time to read my mantra: ..one second on your lips, forever on your hips -repeat.

 Why you so yummy? Btw, I looked like a creepy tourist stalking on window displays. I promise I’m not like this every Saturday 😂

 Had to get some €€ so I stopped by briefly in Centra. Its like our small convenient store. This place will be much more pack during weekdays with workers getting their coffee and breakfast.  Cute,ay?

  After that, I made my way to Hair Temple Salon at Temple Bar. Which color should I get? 💇🏻  

Me, tea and highlights 👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻 It took just 2 hours, thank goodness. Otherwise I would need walking stick going home. Me back hurts! Right after, with ma fab hair, I walked down to the Temple Bar Food Market. I haven’t been here for ages! Time for another mantra reading😞

  Bought 2 cronuts for €5. Eaten best while hot. 

Unbelievably long queue for this chow mein. May be I should  open nasi lemak store next to him. Asian superpower!

As I was by myself, I made my way to Charlie’s for take away. As usual, I ordered Hainanese  chicken rice for him, char kuey teow and red bean soup for me🍲🍤🍱🍛
 A very empty Charlie’s on Saturday.

Again, I somehow managed to tempt myself into spying this window display. I need all these! 😅 Christmas please come fastaarrrrr!! ☃️ Ohhh..my feet would be so so happy, wouldn’t they?🤗
On my way home, I stopped briefly at Fallon&Byrne’s Food Hall on Wicklow street. Always love the variety they have here..

  Inside the food hall, there is a cosy coffee place where most people stand or sit on tall bar chairs. I love the atmosphere in the morning though.. 
Above this food hall is of course the Fallon and Byrne restaurant itself. I haven’t been myself but I have been to their branch in Dun Laoghaire which is my personal favourite.

  Walked past Brown Thomas and it was so festive!!😍😍😍 And yes, he is quite cute. Uppsss😅

Look at these leaves, homaigad!

Please just stay, autumn. I will be a good girl, promise 👍🏼 I walked home and finally arrived. This is what I had. My perfect lazy Saturday fix.

 It only took me like 15 minutes to finish all these. As it was brrr cold, I decided to cosy up underneath the duvet for a nap😂 it’s just a part of my anti-aging regime. So don’t judge me😬😬😬 That’s pretty much how my Saturday was! How did you spend your Saturday? See you guys in the next one! 😘


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