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Hey guys, how is everyone today? Enjoying the very last bit of the weekend?

We have just arrived from Gran Canaria so I thought I would share my journey along with you guys. As today is Sunday and I have thousand other chores to do, I am going to hook you up with some pictures I took and will jot a short background details.

Sounds good? Let’s get started! 😉

This place is called Tejeda Village. It is located at mountainous areas, in the centre of Gran Canaria. It sits on the eastern edge of volcanic basin that bears its name Caldera de Tajeda. We arrived at 7pm and were surrounded by wet clouds, 1500m above sea level.

 We stayed at Parador de Cruz de Tajeda

 Morning breakfast for champ 😆 #eatnowexercisenextweek

Before we go for our morning walk, I decided to wake up at 6am, tip-toeing around the hotel like a zombie; for pictures. I have a habit of taking pics early in the morning (beat the crowd) in hotels we stayed in but also the lights tend to be softer with cooler tones. I like.

    Fefeeling having my own fireplace #prayforvictor #bigprojectaheadofhim 😝

Generally, I imagined in my head how I wanted the picture to look like so I worked towards achieving the ‘feel’ as much as possible. Sometimes setting up the set, mini tripod and after 50 pictures later, only then I get (if lucky) one shot that I like. It’s  such a nuisance especially if you do everything  yourself but I enjoyed doing this -every bit of it. Nevertheless the hotel is such a beauty so I thought might as well follow the number one rule: take pictures of just EVERYTHING 😂

 Living room like this, yasss please!

 Finally, we are on mountains top! There are several walking trails on our hotel’s doorstep so it was easy enough. We walked out from our hotel just to find the place was packed with tourists! And most of them are Spaniards. You know it’s good when the locals too come to visit 👍🏼

 This one was a bit hit and miss. The composition was ok but my posture was like.. meh. Wth 😑 But if you just ignore me and my tilted clumsy pose, the scenery was…pretty spectacular.

 I always learn new things -even from the stillness of the mountains.

After we did a total of 3 walking trails, 1000pictures later, we returned to our hotel for a wee nap. Lol. I need me nap ok. But first, more pictures. Surprise! 😂

   This second one was rather cheesy ☺️ but.. we just had to do it -for science!

The next day, we checked out at 12pm and headed out to Las Palmas, capital of Gran Canaria. We didn’t intend to visit the north but special arrangement was made last minute to see this special guy.

 Brought my lil bro (always lil no matter how big your beer belly is) for his favourite meal: seafood paella!! Never have thought we will cross path outside Malaysia. Was nice catching up ✌🏼

Life is fragile; never takes it for granted 💛

  Playa de Las Canteras

 Later on, I found out that Las Palmas is a surf city. How cool are those girls? #imasurfertoo #inmyheadimcool

   I literally have way too many pictures. So I just chose some of which I think best to represents the place I visited -culture, values etc.
Later that afternoon, we made our move to our final destination, Playa del Ingles. Will need to write Part 2 as my wordpress stucked at ‘uploading’ phase right now due to huge picture files 😅

Watch this space and subscribe if you haven’t already! 🤗


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