Unique (free) gifts for your special Mom | Mother’s Day Edition


As Mother’s Day is approaching (in US and South East Asia), I would like to share what I think would make a rather special Mother’s Day. Now, as the tittle suggested, I am going to outline few things you could do today to make your mom feels extra special! The twist is, you can make them for FREE! Yasss! >.<

Okay, I am not advocating that you need to be cheapskate with your mom and yes, they are worth every pennies -whatever you decided to splurge on. I felt however today’s world has so much emphasis on commercialism that the meaning of Mother’s Day is hardly heart-felt. I remember when I was 9 year old, me and my sisters would line-up (there are 3 of us)  in our small living room, each with an organic-brown-paper-hand-wrapped (see what I did there to make it sounds posh?) gifts in our hands ready to be given to our mom. They were erasers, pencils and rulers that we have carefully hand-selected (or maybe -that’s all what we got, hehe) and we had a blast! It wasn’t at all that much but the anticipation of that short smile on her face meant far and beyond.


(1) Give your mom a day off (even better, a week!)

Yes I am talking to you, who is reading this right now. And I know (although you are unlikely to admit it) that your mom is doing A LOT for you. She looks after your children, keep your laundry clean, cook your favorite food and she might even.. pay your bills :/ I know that if my mother is here right next to me, she would instantly pick up the broom stick (although there is no such thing in my house :D) and cook me all these fancy Chinese herbal soups you can possibly imagine.

Give your mom a day off today so that she could spend time with her friends or even herself! Not to burden you with scientific data or anything, but a study has shown that an overwhelming 75% retirees are depressed because as they live longer (and healthier), they are expected to look after their grand-children. In my humble personal opinion (on this very controversial subject), your parents have done much for you and it’s your turn to do exactly the same -for your own (children).

(2) Make a scrapbook


I like this one here. It does take a long(er) time to do and requires quite a bit of effort but I think your mom would loves it. Collect simple things along the way -your cheesy selfies together, post-it notes with her hand writing on it, scribbles of her grandchildren with your own little secret message at the back! The possibilities are endless! I haven’t done this for Mother’s Day per se but I have been making scrapbooks for our travels which are surprisingly therapeutic. Please take advantage of Pinterest and Youtube to keep you started with ideas and layout 🙂

(3) Cook up a feast!


Okay, may be not a feast but you can have potluck if you like. If your other siblings live close by, each of you could do several small dishes and make up small activities to go with it. For example, poem reciting (even cuter if kids involved), movie marathon on series which are relevant to your mother’s time (eg ‘Murder She Wrote’) or a simple quiz of who knows what better/most likely to (eg. Who is most likely to buy you ice-cream? mommy/daddy?). It will bring back some good memories and you might have some surprising discoveries along the way (such as -you might discover that you’re the poor baby someone have left on the doorstep kinda thing :P)!!

p/s: I know the last sentence there is kinda sensitive for certain people (due to increment of teenage pregnancy and abortion) but me and my siblings always fight amongst ourselves about who is the one that was found on our doorstep. And the mystery still continues…. >.<

(4) A gift voucher containing ‘Acts of Service’


Making your own gift voucher is not only very exciting but is really special. There are plenty of free layout for gift vouchers online that you could use. All you need to do is to print the layout and fill in several random acts of service that you would like to offer your mom. Facial massage, manicure & pedicure, day out for girls’ only, brunch or afternoon tea -to name a few. I am pretty sure your mom would be quite stoked to get one of this! If you do ended up doing it, please take pictures and make sure to tag me! @sophievoon

p/s: I did similar thing for my husband few years ago for his birthday but the only voucher (out of 10 I made) that he ever used was: WHATEVER YOU WANT! >.<

(5) DIY crafts (love letters)


A lot of us has some degree of creativity in us. Some can make really good al-naturale organic soap, delicate lacy hand-crafts, interesting photo frames, DIY cup/mug for rounds of afternoon tea etc. The list is endless. You just need to get your hands (a lil bit) dirty.

But if you don’t have any ounce of creativity in you, fret not! Look no further. I have an option not only to fill in the gap but this might actually be the most meaningful gift you could ever given! It’s writing love letters! I know it may sounds a bit cheesy but you don’t need to have the most adventurous grammar -most importantly, it must be heart felt. Write several love letters that she could read on days when: she felt sad, lonely, unloved, exhausted, burdened, upset etc. Write things from your childhood memories and reminds her of her strong-self. A lil bit of kind words and love wouldn’t hurt, right?



Okay loves, I really hope you enjoy the article I wrote and wish you all the fun this weekend with your mom! Here, I would like to give shout out to my mom @lauaihiong who is literally the bravest person I know. Although we may have different values with some generation gap, I appreciate her efforts in trying to stay relevant in our lives, for her many late nights to accompany me eating at ‘mamak’ whenever I am home, for picking me up from the airport even if it’s 3am and for everything else that I possibly didn’t get to hear her say. Also, for my mother-in-law @chongsehmoi who looks after me like her own, for never letting me go hungry and last but not least, for raising my husband, who I love dearly. For these two women, I am eternally grateful! ❤


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